2 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure | LGA

Main Features

● 2-in-1 Versatile: The infrared 2 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure | LGA combines a 131 ft infrared measurer with a 16ft tape measure and 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery.
● Easy operation: Simple one button operation enables fast and easy long-distance infrared measurements.
● Measure faster and further: Measure up to 131-feet with the lasers, and measure 6 times as far as a standard 16ft tape measure.
● Precision: Measures distances accurately up to 131-feet to The error is about 3mm, the display is accurate to 0.001.
● Compact Size: Portable and compact size easily fits in your hand, it can be put into the pocket.


2 in 1 Laser Tape Measure Product Description:

The item combines two accurate measuring tools into one product. It is a 40M / 131ft. laser distance measurer with a 5M / 16 ft tape and is a one-hand, one-person operation. Now you can quickly and easily get both long-distance measurements and short-span precision from the same tool!

With tape measure in hand easily read the large, clear LCD screen for a quick digital reading of the laser distance measurer.

Both DIYers and Professionals will turn to this tool for its one person, one hand ease of use operation.

This product is affordable, durable, compact and gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and get the job done. Quickly measure the length of a room, determine the width of a table, or hang a picture frame.

Everything you need is in the palm of your hand with this 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure.

Work Smarter, Measure Better and Be More Productive with Richard & Brothers Tools.

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Technical Details:

Brand Name Sunupo
Product Dimensions 86mm*50mm*80mm
Product Weight 305g
Measurement Length Range 0.2~40m
Measurement Accuracy ±1.5mm
Measurement Units m / ft
Laser Grade Class 2
Laser Type 630 ~ 670mm, <1mW
Product Color Yellow, Black, Red
Material ABS+TPR
Power Source Battery
Battery Type AAA 2 X 1.5V
Battery Life 5,000 measurements

laser tape measure, laser measuring tool, electronic tape measure, LGA

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