Marksman Household Dishwashing Gardening Rubber Gloves

Main Features

● Material: These Household Dishwashing Rubber Gloves are made of natural rubber. Durable and comfortable.
● Ideal thickness provides fantastic secure protection yet still tactile sensitive.
● Protective: Protect your hands from the damage of harsh detergents or other cleaning products.
● Application: Daily household washing bowls, plates, utensils, clothes. using a variety of detergents, and other cleanings.
● Special designed patterned dots offers maximum gripping power.


Household Dishwashing Rubber Gloves Product Description:

New design pattern, first-class quality, graceful color, provide excellent protection to the hand.
Comfortable to clean fruit, vegetable, and other food processing directly.
Our gloves are easy to stock, it can be stock for a long time without exposure to sunlight.
Protect your skin from chemicals like detergents (in dish soap) and solvents (found in all-purpose cleaners) as well as vinegar, ammonia and bleach.

Multiple Uses:

Application: Dishwashing, Clean kitchen utensils, Car washing, Cleaning windows, Cleaning indoor, Protect hand skin.

Why do you need our household dishwashing rubber gloves?

1. Rubber Gloves create a barrier for your skin
Wearing a pair of rubber gloves when doing hard cleaning tasks will provide a barrier for your hands, keeping them protected from all those nasties.
2. The rubber increases your grip
Provide a better grip to tackle the task in-hand with ease.
3. Gives you a more pleasant cleaning experience
A pair of rubber gloves will mean you can clean your home confidently, and finishing the job without feeling like you could do with a good scrub, as well as your sink.
4. Protect your manicure/nails
Help protect your cuticles and nail surface, so that your hands will look pretty and natural. No more nail destruction for you, just healthier, happier nails!
5. Prevent nasty infections
Make sure you’re protected from germs and opt to always wear your gloves before tackling cleaning jobs.

Technical Details:

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Brand Name: Marksman
Model Number: NF-7.5E
Item Name: Household Dishwashing Rubber Gloves
Color: Orange
Material: 100% Natural Latex Smelless, Harmless, Nontoxic
Normal Length: 30cm
Packing: 1 pair/opp zip bag; 25 dz (300 pairs)/carton
Size: 7-1/2″x75g
Weight: 75g, 80g, 85g
Usage: Household
Advantage: Inspected carefully before delivery by QC and QA.
Lead Time: 90 Days

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