What Is a Tape Measure Home Run?

What is a tape measure home run???

2019 World Series

The 2019 World Series ended with the Washington Nationals beating the Houston Astros 6-2 in game 7. The Nationals won the World Series 4-3 by winning all 4 games in Houston as the road team. Although the Astros lost the series, their hitter George Springer unleashed a LONG “tape measure” home run in Game 5, which was very impressive.

Long homer measured

Most of you have been using tape measures for your whole life, and some people also watch baseball for quite some time. But do you know the term “Tape Measures Homer”?

In baseball, it means a home run that is hit extremely well which makes the ball fly exceptionally long distance from the home plate.

Baseball measurement

The Origin

The term originated from a home run hit by The Yankees player Mickey Mantle in 1953. He belted a 565-foot home run out of Griffith Stadium off of Senators’ pitcher Chuck Stobbs. It was listed in the Guinness Book of Sports Records as the longest home run to be hit in a regular-season major league game. The ball’s distance was measured immediately. And on the day following the baseball game Mantle appeared in the newspaper holding a giant tape measure. It became one of the most famous home runs ever. This blast was headline news in a number of newspapers and a major story across the country. From that date forward long home runs were referred to as “tape measure” homers.

Mickey Mantle with a tape measure

Classic baseball tape measure

Remember to bring a #ribrosco tape measure with you when you play baseball, because:

  1. You’ll be able to check the distance of the ball you or your friends hit.
  2. You may just hit a crazy long “Tape Measure” homer that needs to be measured and recorded for life.

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