Ribrosco DTA-W ABS Wooden Tape Measure Review


Product Link: https://ribrosco.com.tw/product/tape-measure/wooden-cased-tape-measure-dtaw/
Richard & Brothers Website: https://www.ribrosco.com.tw

Main Features
1. Tape Measure blade with clear mark, perfect for reading.
2. Side lock button holds the measuring blade securely in position.
3. Brand new designing wooden-like casing.
4. With smooth and optimized internal mechanism, it can open and recoil the blade smoothly; The tape measure can be easily carried on waist or in your pocket with the sturdy belt clip; Strong comfortable wrist strap can wear around your wrist to avoid dropping it.

Wooden ABS Cased Tape Measure | DTA-W Product Description:
“DTA” tape measure series is the first measuring tape model that was developed in our China manufacturer factory, which is in Canton Province. We first exhibited DTA in the 31st China International Hardware Fair, and have been given positive feedback from many clients. It also comes in translucent / flock printing casing and vertical printing.

DTA series tapes are for the pros who need a basic traditional tape, but with features that give it extra durability. Like a full-length blade coating so the markings will last and a double-riveted steel-reinforced end hook for extra life.

Special thanks to Mr. Nash Rathbone for this product review. If you want to check out his channel please click Here

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