New Measuring Tape DTA Model made in China

We just came back to the office from the 31st China International Hardware Show in Shanghai. We are pleased to introduce you our brand new measuring tape model “DTA” from China and feel sure that you will find it very appealing.

Manufactured in China, measuring tape “DTA” series not only has a very competitive price but also reliable quality. By attending the hardware show, we have already tested the market with this product and been given positive feedback from other clients.

Features of DTA:

● Side lock button holds the measuring blade securely in position.
● Quality and well made ABS case for comfortable hold.
● Rugged case. Metal casing, belt clip and strap. Fits comfortably in your toolbox or hardware drawer and help you around the house for many years. Good solid Tape Measure that fits great in your hand for comfortable use.

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