How we fight COVID-19 Coronavirus using hand tools

COVID-19 coronavirus – the distance between people

As COVID-19 coronavirus cases continue to spread, the experts have been telling people that social distancing helps to slow the spread of coronavirus. The CDC recommended that people keep a distance from others of at least 1.5 meters in indoor environments and 1 meter in outdoor ones.

The CDC is also issuing warnings that people could get COVID-19 coronavirus by touching a surface or object, such as a table or door handle, that has the virus on it, and then touching their mouths, noses, or eyes. The latest Centers for Disease Control guidelines are easy and clear: keep your hands away from your eyes.

To prevent possible exposure, it’s best to keep your hands off your face, and definitely stop rubbing your eyes. The best way to do that: start wearing safety goggles and rubber gloves, which can form a physical barrier to protect your face — and your eyes — from germs in the air.

covid-19 corona-virus

How we fight COVID-19 using various kinds of hand tools, such as tape measures, rubber gloves, and safety goggles. 

Here at Richard & Brothers, we care a lot about our employees’ health conditions. Below are the Anti-Virus Precautions that currently being taken in the company:

1. Prepare masks, various disinfection products, and forehead thermometer.

2. Ask everyone to wear a mask all the time and check forehead temperature 2 times a day. (Forehead temperature about 37.5 degrees C will be rejected entering the factory and need to be isolated.)

3. Ensure everyone washes hands, clean shoes before/after entering the factory.

4. Deploy our tape measures to make sure employees maintain enough social distance with each other.

5. Put on safety goggles and rubber gloves, particularly when meeting or touching with someone (like the mailman) outside the factory.

tape measure; measuring tape

tape measure; measuring tape

tape measure; measuring tape

This sudden epidemic disrupted the global economic layout and development, and the extension has a considerable impact on everyone. Richard & Brothers will do our best to work with your esteemed company together to overcome difficulties. Facing this crisis, we believe it is also the best time to review the competitiveness and development of the organization. We will try every effort to quickly adjust the status quo, seize the opportunity to transform, upgrade and shall turn adversity into prosperity. Please take good care, protect yourself and your family throughout the crisis and thank you for your continuous support!

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