How to Clean and Maintain Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are also referred to as latex gloves, can be purchased at home improvement centers and hardware stores. Wearing rubber gloves for housekeeping and kitchen chores can protect your hands and nails from harsh chemicals, hot water and things that you just don’t want to touch. While they are relatively cheap to replace, it’s always nice to be able to keep a pair of good quality gloves lasting long enough. So what should you do to ensure your rubber gloves are kept in good condition for as long as possible? What are some simple ways in terms of how to clean your rubber gloves and keep the inside fresh and sanitized?

how to clean rubber gloves

1) Wash the outside of the gloves with mild liquid detergent and warm water thoroughly to remove dirt.

The first thing you have to do after using the gloves is to wash them. The very substances you want to keep away from your hands are all over the outside of your gloves. So take a few minutes at the end of a chore to rinse them thoroughly. Remember, the best way to wash your gloves is to treat them like your own hands. Dish soap or hand soap is fine to rinse the gloves. Warm water can kill more germs, dirt, and grease. You can wash the gloves while you are still wearing them, and avoid water and residue getting on your hands. Let them dry completely. It might be wise to turn them inside out after the outside has dried, allowing both sides to dry out.

2) Protect Your Rubber Gloves at Storage

Protect your gloves from heat and sunlight when they are being stored. Avoid putting them near windows with strong sunlight streams or in a hot storage room, unless you want your gloves to turn into a melted mess. Gloves should also be protected from being punctured, so don’t store them with any knives, shears, or other pointy objects. Even the smallest punctured hole in your gloves can give you a wet surprise the next time you wash dishes.

3) Don’t use the same pair of gloves for Kitchen and Bathroom cleaning

It does not sound like a good idea to wash your dishes with the gloves you wear when you scrub the toilet. You can choose another pair of gloves with a different color for each chore, or even use disposable gloves for some chores. For example, some people use rubber gloves for washing dishes in the kitchen but use disposable gloves for chores like the bathroom. Find what works best for you. Store each pair conveniently where you will be doing the task. If you have multiple bathrooms, you can even store a pair in each one. Or, store the gloves with the cleaning supplies separate for each task, perhaps in a small carrying case.
Last but not least, always remember to put on gloves when you are doing household chores. This extra step can help you protect and maintain your hand, nails, and skin. In the long run, not having to deal with dry skin and cracked nails is certainly time-saving.

how to clean rubber gloves

So have you learned how to clean your rubber gloves? If so, now is the time to clean them. Don’t forget to email us if you are looking for high-quality rubber gloves.

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