How to Choose the Right Screwdrivers

What are screwdrivers?

A screwdriver is a hand tool which can be used to screw or unscrew a fastener. It allows you to tighten a screw by turning the driver clockwise and loosen it by turning counterclockwise. Typically, screwdrivers are used with small electronics, computers, electrical work, furniture, and automotive work. Impact drivers and cordless drills can also be used for bigger jobs like construction.

The screwdriver essentially consists of four parts: (1) The handle, (2) the shank, (3) the blade, and (4) the tip.

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Matching the correct screwdriver tip to the head of a fastener

You may think every screwdriver looks very much alike, but actually, each of them is unique. They are distinguished from each other based on their tip and what type of screw they drive. The most important thing to use a screwdriver is by matching the correct screwdriver tip to the head of a fastener.

The two most commonly used screwdriver tips are the flat-head/slot-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers.

1) A slot-head screwdriver, also called the flat head/regular screwdriver, is used with a slot head screw. It consists of a flat, single blade that fits the single slot of traditional screws. It’s the oldest and most common type of screwdriver in the world. You’ll find flat head screws used in most simple woodworking projects.

2) A Phillips-head screwdriver has a four-star point at the end of its shank which fits into the corresponding cross-shaped, shallow depression of the screw. This special design enables the user to apply more torque to the screw than the slot-head screwdriver. The tip of the Phillips-head screwdriver and the depression of the screw together force the blades of the Phillips screwdriver to slip out before any damaging over-torque can occur. Users should always look for a Phillips-head screwdriver made of quality metal, such as steel, because the harder the tip, the less chance you have of stripping the screw.
While the above two are the most common screwdrivers, there are still other types of screwdrivers that can be used for different jobs. Please check below link to know more about various types of screwdrivers – Click and Go

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